Thursday, 3 March 2016

Front Row: Tanita Tikaram

Radio Four. Straight after the Archers. Front Row. Most evenings I find myself bristling, seething, and wanting to hurl serving dishes at the self-centred smug parasites who crowd out, elbow out, and out-smug preceding luvvies with vacuous, braying, Islington shite. 

Who chooses these ghastly people? 

But, and a very big but, just sometimes, there are diamonds to be found. Tonight it was Tanita Tikaram. She has a new album out shortly. 

For five minutes I was taken back, way back, to another place, another world. I know; I'm banging on about another drop-dead gorgeous husky woman. You'll find a few on this blog if you search the 'Music' tag. But this one is divine. Here's four of her songs; You probably know the first track.

The mind makes leaps. And in one bound I was here: Another fabulous woman.

It's sad that the clod who posted this to YouTube has it listed as '"Tom's Dinner."

I hope you enjoy.


  1. Just listened to one track then bought "The best of.."


  2. Its a long time since i listened to her but thanks for sharing. Great stuff.

    1. Outdoorsy stuff will soon be back here.
      Cheers Al.

  3. Hmm...
    Drop-dead gorgeous husky women singers...
    I'll just pull the curtains around the bed for a while...

  4. Sir you are a man of impecable taste .

  5. Hey, she's not bad. Some good stuff on her Facebook page too:
    Thanks for pointing us in her direction....


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