Thursday, 8 September 2016

One Last Step, taken.

I'm sure that everyone will be sad to hear that "OM", Old Mortality, writer of one of the best blogs out there, 'One Small Step,' /has passed on.

If you visit his last post , in the comments one of his children has written the following:


Not being a blogger or as good a wordsmith as OM, I will try to do this justice. 

OM, or as my brother and sister call him, Dad, passed away on the 4th Aug. Deciding not to fester in a hospice, he gave out at home clutching a copy of Private Eye - for us, twas rather fitting!

We didn't know about this blog and only found it after some digging - the printed poem was indeed on his wall which gave lead to this spot. It has been a tough read and I am not finished, but am grateful he had you all and an outlet.
Unfortunately 3 kids under 8 do not appreciate Boxing Day on the side of a hill with a trangia stove and a force 10 - cold tomato cuppa soups did not inspire his passion in us. 

He did however leave us with a weird and wonderful music collection - a passion for sure.... Only tempered by the teenage cry "who?". This would result in a tape, cd or in latter years you tube link to broaden our knowledge. 
My IT skills are far from good so can only leave you with the title of a song he spoke of a lot in the last few weeks. He didn't say why this was in his mind but I am sure we can all imagine.... 

" play the train song" by Tom Snyder 

Mrs OM is off on her holiday as predicted so we must help her pack! 

One last step taken!! Xx 


I thoroughly enjoyed OM's pieces. I never met him, but he came across as a splendid man; funny, bright, with a magnificent taste in music, and a life that sounded like it had been lived to the maximum.

I'll keep the link to his blog on my "Better places to visit" list as from time to time I'll nip over there to cheer myself up.

My condolences to OM's family and friends.


  1. I knew he was poorly but had no idea how ill he was. I'm genuinely sorry to hear this news, I've always enjoyed his scribblings - he'd become a 'virtual friend'.

    My thoughts and condolences to OM's family and friends.

    Thanks for the heads up Alan.


  2. I did have the honour of meeting OM - he turned up at Cairngorm Footbridge with a bottle of very nice scotch and some chewsticks for my doomed dog Bruno during my stint doing Café Akto during the TGO challenge a couple of years ago. He'd come by bus and returned the same day the same way. Bless 'im.

  3. I've started rereading OM's blog, right from the very first posts in 2010. It's a masterpiece and I'll keep going back to it for as long as it remains.

    Mike, any time I'm near the Cairngorm Club Footbridge, I'll be sure to pause - even if it's midge season - and reflect for a minute.


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