Saturday, 11 March 2017

Things looking up

The arrival of new boots invariably promotes a passion for perambulation. [That's enough of the alliteration, thank you very much.] And so it has been with the new Scarpas, with over a hundred miles knocked off in two and a half weeks. Not all in the boots, but most. 

The wonderful thing about comfortable shoes is that I forget that I'm wearing them. Over the years Phil and I have seen so many footsore Challengers to know that the opposite is true of uncomfortable shoes; they are devices of torture and the limping backpacker is in torment. They can only think about their feet. A well-shod walker, on the other hand, strolls about with an unencumbered mind, free to roam. 

Latterly, my walks have become random affairs, turning left or right as the fancy takes me. My only directive is to ensure I'm back in time for tea. 

All this fresh air has lifted my frame. After months of stooped inactivity I'm at last walking naturally again. I spent too many months worrying about my blasted foot and had started walking in a way to compensate for the Plantar Fasciitis; a sort of Richard the Third crab-like shuffle. I wouldn't wish PF on my worst enemy. Oh. Hang on. Yes I would. The bastard.

So, things are definitely looking up. And speaking of looking up here's a couple of pictures where I had indeed been doing just that.




  1. Those photos look like early morning starts? I approve. "Getting home in time for tea" is a priority.

    1. I wish that it were, Conrad.
      I'm a laggard and most walks are afternoon affairs, crawling back to the kitchen in time to prepare a late dinner.

  2. Sounds like you are in a good frame of mind and looking forward to a spot of backpacking. Enjoy.

    1. Indeed, Al.
      Just the waterproofs to re-waterproof, and hunt down the dispersed kit. I can never remember why it gets spread about the place, or where to look.

  3. Pleased you rid yourself of PF, very nasty. I had it for about 18 months but seem to have killed it off by wearing a splint on my foot in bed.

    1. And did Mrs Surfnslide add any other nighttime accoutrements? Soft and silky bindings?
      Just asking for a friend.


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