Monday, 18 September 2017

Bracknell Regeneration

Three years ago I posted some pictures of the Bracknell town centre that I grew up with. Here's a few to jog your memory of the place, emptied and waiting for the bulldozers.

Then the bulldozers arrived:

Our new town centre opened its doors a week or so ago. Here's a taste. It seems to be going down very well with the locals.


  1. The demolished version wouldn't have been that old - 60s, 70s. When I look back at fashion with all that long hair and flared bell bottom strides etc. I wonder how we could have thought it was cool. As for the architecture I don't think anybody did think that. A year or two ago when I set off from Reading on the Kennet and Avon Canal walk I was impressed with the architecture and regeneration there - from my blog:

    "Although this not a huge town it is crammed with modern buildings and architecture and has a sort of bustling capital feel. A contrast with the drabness of some of our northern towns and the affluent south."

    Unfortunately, Google/Blogger has removed all the photos from my blog that were inserted on the hoof so no point in a link to the whole post. Photos on the blog inserted from my computer at home remain.

    1. Hi Conrad

      I remember vividly helping Mum carry the shopping home from Fine Fare in deep snow when I was about six years old. This must mean that the town centre was largely complete in the late fifties. It was subsequently extended a couple of times in the sixties in the same style. Then, I think around the late sixties they built the 3M Building (properly known as Winchester House) which we watched soar to the height of skyscraper. This was a huge steel framed building. We all thought it a thing of wonder, as it had a huge illuminated digital clock on an end wall - a true marker that we were living in the time of the white heat of technology.

      The 3M Building did not go down quite so well with the diary farmers in the nearby village of Binfield as their cows' milk yield plummeted. The reason given was the lights from the skyscraper's windows were upsetting the cows.

      There are still a few steel and concrete leviathans hanging on but I'm sure the planners have their eyes on their demolition, which I think is a shame,

  2. It looks remarkably litter free, Alan; particularly when compared with some of our local town centres. Civic pride is sadly quite lacking in a few of them.

    1. Hi Dave
      I took the pictures on the opening day of the town centre and so the massed throngs hadn't had time to trash the place. Having said that, on my subsequent visits the place has been spotless; the council, or perhaps centre management company, employ quite a few litter attendants.

  3. Fatface is an interesting name for a store. I had to look it up and see what merchandise they peddle. Surprising to see it is clothing. I would think calling your customers fatface would be off-putting.


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