Sunday, 8 April 2018

Forthcoming Attractions!

In a dramatic, yet temporary shift of emphasis, this blog will shortly feature some rare Gear Reviews! (Capital letters employed for added drama...)


Look. There are people out there who are addicted to this sort of thing. Admit it, you are too, aren't you, on the odd occasion? But it's okay; you can handle it. Alright, just this once then...  


  1. Were all in suspense here, hope this gear is being thoroughly tested on Chally trials. Anthony

  2. What a miserable non-result from Bergan. It is easy for service providers and retailers to give good service when all goes well, but when there is a complaint, problem or enquiry the vast majority of them fail to recognise this as an opportunity to show how good they are, but few seize and milk that gift when it arises.

    Gear reviews: I've long since decided that a a pair of socks is a pair of socks and has no requirement to be technified - I was going to try and invent a spoof description, but no need - I have cribbed this from a product on sale at Amazon - what a load of insult to the intelligence, meaningless garbage:

    Lightweight running sock
    Features patented ultimax pro enhanced with dri-release technology for rapid moisture evaporation
    49% Dri-release ® WOOL (88% polyester, 12% wool), 35% Stretch Nylon, 14% merino Wool, 2% Spandex
    Technical Trail Running Socks
    Cushioned sole
    Seamless toe closure

    1. I think you posted your reply to the wrong blog post, Conrad, but no matter!
      I was disappointed by Bergans' lack of response as I'm genuinely interested to know more of this beast. I think it could well be well over fifty years old and it does seem pretty comfortable... I was thinking of taking out for an overnight trip.
      It had a very modern-looking profile from the side and the ingenious back straps that keep the pack away from your back are incredibly simple and effective.

      Those socks of yours, at first pass appear to have 63% wool, but on careful examination it's less than 20%! They're plastic socks.


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