Wednesday, 25 October 2006


Last post for a few days - as tomorrow I am off to Fort William for the Great Outdoors Challenge Reunion (unless I can find the WiFi spots in Ft Bill) - a chance to catch up with a couple of End to End Legends - Ian Shiel and Bernie Marshall - to pick their brains.

I suppose it not particularly surprising if you think about it, but not being a great deep thinker, I was pleasantly surprised by just how much help is coming in to me from ex LeJog walkers.

Ali Ashton sent me (at great cost) her personal typed up report of her walk some 15 years ago - Ian has helped with outlines of complete routes (not found in Andrew McCloys book) he has completed along with detailed possible routes through the borders and Bernie is offering an on the walk support network and a lot of personal advice that should help on a personal level on the walk.

Walkers seem to be great 'do-ers'. We should let them have a free hand & get on with running the country. - Oo-er - getting on my soap-box now - better stop as I have just got in from the pub!

I will get back to you all on Sunday night. - And by the way - I transferred the dosh for the tent by international bank transfer today so that Stephensons can crack on and make the new Gin Palace!

Toodle Pip!

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