Sunday, 12 November 2006


There was a wonderful advert on the TV a year or so back (Reebok, I think) of a huge, grey belly chasing a chap all over the city, with a great voice-over of 'Belly's going to get you, belly's going to get you.' That advert has stuck in my mind.

I have spent six months earlier this year working largely away from home down in the Thames Valley. This meant living in hotels and eating in hotel dining rooms. After a short while we settled on one particular hotel, principally because their menu & wine list was quite excellent given the limit we had set ourselves on cost per night.

I blame that excellent establishment for the present state of my belly. It has ballooned to an incredible size, and is a wonderful shade of pale grey. Urgh! My normal target weight for the start of the TGO Challenge is 11stone 11 lbs. This means that I have to lose 10 lbs of belly fat between now and the beginning of March. What is the point of buying all this lightweight expensive gear if I have the equivalent of 5 bags of sugar strapped to my waist? To add to this woe, Christmas is coming, with loads more wine and puddings and rich gravies and ooooh, I love Christmas. My wife is an excellent cook and we are at home for Christmas with a houseful of family, so I just know the temptations will overcome me. The crash-diet will have to start in January.

Once on the walk, keeping the weight down will not be a problem at all - I usually lose a couple of pounds a week when walking - worrying really, if I am walking for sixteen weeks!

So - it will be important to get the calories in whilst on the walk. I am a keen proponent of dehydrating my meals - I have been doing this (or more accurately, Lynnie has been doing this) for the last nine years, but the idea of asking Lynnie to cook & prepare some sixty or seventy evening meals and posting them off to me at various locations spread over the length of the nation does not appeal!

This means that I am going to be quite reliant on pub grub and the occasional hotel restaurant, as well as preparing my meals with ingredients bought en-route.

So - it will be one pot cooking - all in my Titanium kettle. I shall have to cut out some recipes from her cookery book library to ensure I have a healthy varied diet.

(I wonder if Gordon Ramsey and Raymond Blanc cover one pot cooking?) I am off to Richard Corrigan's restaurant in Soho in December - I will ask him for some advice.

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