Sunday, 12 November 2006


When I was doing preliminary research on LEJOG, by typing in a few magic words on Google I was repeatedly referred to one chap's website - Mark Moxon, Travel Writer.
I have never, ever found a more complete resource on LEJOG as this website. It has been a colossal help to me. Mark covers the walk he completed day by day, with photographs and helpful information for future Lejoggers. He lists absolutely everything a Lejogger could possibly want to know, in an informative and witty style. The website is also a technical tour de force - Mark is an absolute techie genius.
However, for those wanting to explore further than the shores of our own Kingdom, Mark is also an incredible resource. He has travelled all over the world and you can download his own eBooks at no charge!
If you have a question you want to put to him, he has a guestbook where you can drop him a line and unfailingly, he will get back to you with friendly, helpful advice.
In short, the guy is a National Treasure.
You can find Mark's website by clicking on this link:
I find myself visiting and revisiting his amazing site as my planning progresses. Anyone planning a similar venture will find likewise. Go and visit his site - Enjoy!


  1. Thanks for your kind words Alan. I'm blushing as I write this. :-)

    As a fan of technology and walking, you might be interested in the Google Earth file I've just finished creating (it's available in the Route section of my site). It enables you to 'fly' along the LEJOG route in 3D, which is fun.

    If you're taking a GPS that can save waypoints as you walk, then you could do the same thing for your journey. It's a thought, anyway; it's certainly a great memory-jogger once you're back!


  2. Mark - Now, that is pretty good! Oh dear - that means I will now have to re-learn the GPS thing all over again - I only ever use it to find out where I am - usually once every two years! More technology! AAGGHH!



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