Monday, 13 November 2006


Happily wandering through Glen Gaelocht one sunny morning, the hobbit Low Handley was sitting on a rock, wondering which way to go.

‘I know!’ thought Low Handley to himself, 'I will ask those jolly nice people of Glen Gaelocht. They helped me last year when I needed it’

So off he toddled in his nice new plimpsoles (very comfy for the little hobbit) and announced to the happy villagers that he was temporarily mislaid and that the batteries in his GPS had all run out, and that his paper maps had got all soggy when he was re-hydrating his porrage that morning.

Unluckily for little Low Handley, the big bad Baron, Baron Keel deMersy was in town that day and he started to tease the poor little hobbit. He tweaked his poor little hobbit nose this way and that, and the little hobbit started to squeak with alarm!

Then things got worse for the little hobbit. The Baron’s henchman, the Legendary Sven Testaruth stepped in and smote the poor little hobbit a nasty blow!

Fortunately for the little hobbit, a Good Samaritan was strolling past and he saw all this commotion. Now the Samaritan was not of the Baron’s world or even of the mighty Sven's! He was a New Man – a walker, well versed in the dark ways of T’internet, wit & sarcasm. He fought a fierce battle with the Baron and little Low Handy hopped off smartish while the going was good, bloodied, but unbowed…

The wicked Baron slunk back to his castle and plotted his wicked revenge! He sent a message to The High Sherriff of Glen Gaelocht, the wise old Grim Hoster.

Now, Grim had many winters beneath his fine grey beard. He was wise and wonderful and had lived in Glen Galeocht since time began. “The time for teasing little hobbits is over!” he announced and Glen Gaelocht rejoiced, and slipped back into the Shangri-La of past-times.

But wicked, wicked Baron Keel deMersy held council with all the Lieutenants of Glen Gaelocht, and he sent burning flashes of fire crashing down into the peaceful Glen, which scorched the good earth wherever they landed. Villagers dived for cover as the fireballs smashed this way & that. The Glen was in turmoil! Castles crumbled to their foundations and the once happy valley was left smouldering under his wrath.
Mercifully, our little hobbit had scampered off in his plimpsoles and the Baron was left standing there, omnipotent, all alone in his ruined castle.


  1. I have noticed quite a few people landing on this particular post recently. Here are some clues:

    "Glen Gaelocht" Anagram = TGO Challenge

    "Grim Hoster" = Roger Smith etc etc..

    Low Handley = ?
    Sven Testaruth = ?
    (Baron) Keel deMersy = ?

    Not difficult... :-)


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