Tuesday, 21 November 2006


I have had a few helpful suggestions where to get my grey Osprey Atmos, but unfortunately they all turned into dead ends. But thank you everyone for trying to help.

Then the nice chap from Osprey, Rob Wiley, emailed me, to assure me that Osprey does not operate a restrictive trade policy on US retailers supplying European customers directly. He kindly offered me a medium in the grey that he does have in stock but unfortunately that will be just too small for me.

He very kindly rang me this evening and I related my tale of woe. He said that he would get in touch with the owner of Pine Needle Mountaineering of Durango, Colorado with a view to me being able to actually buy my pack. So Keith – if you are reading this, be a shiny star and let me buy my pack from you?

In the wings I have Chris Townsend (TGO Ace Gear Tester) all raring to see what he can do, in case this does not work.
Post script: Did I mention my black cloth mini gaiters, my black Marmot windproof knickers, black & grey watch, grey titanium pots & stove, black Downmat 7 Short, Black sleeping bag? Light Blue Tent - Ooo Err!


  1. Alan,

    I presume you've done this but I've used Osprey packs on and off for about 5 years and often the large size is just a shadetoo long - I ended up going for medium because when carrying weight the slippage was significant. You've tried a medium sized Osprey?

  2. Hi Andy

    A very good point - but yes, I tried a few on in Cambridge (in the red & grey combo) and weighed them down, and I do need the large.

    Thanks for your help - appreciated.


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