Wednesday, 22 November 2006


Wonderful people, outdoor people!

The good men at Osprey (Thanks Rob) have sorted it out and I am so much happier now!

Rob put a call in to Pine Needle Mountaineering, Durango, Colorado and early this evening I had an email and phone call with them and I am delighted to say that a brand new Osprey Atmos (large size) in the grey colourway is now winging its way to our shores! Keith at PNM – Cheers!

It should be here in a week or so (the cheapest way of sending it was chosen) and so my thanks go out to everyone who has helped bring this about – Rob from Osprey, Peter Lumley and Chris Townsend (moral support & badgering) Fishers of Keswick who did a load of work trying to track one down in the UK for me, plus all the good people on Outdoors Magic TGO forum.

So a man in black will finally get his rucksack to match (with the very pretty Sue Ryder Logo that will be affixed to the lid)

If the whole world worked like this, there would be no starving people, no wars no drought no…….etc etc

Wonderful people, outdoor people!

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  1. Great news on the pack front, and good for you for holding out for what you actually wanted!

    Hmmm... I rather like those glack/grey ones too... :)


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