Tuesday, 19 December 2006


Well – there’s a title for a blog entry. Hands up all those who know what this is going to be all about.

No – It’s not about finely built ladies in shiny leather outfits wielding the power of the night. It’s not a about a discrete branch of thermodynamics. And it’s not about standing in polite lines outside the Chemistry Lab. (Who was the ‘Senior Boy’ anyway?)

Nope. None of the above.

It’s sitting down every other night and getting a bit more of the route done. It’s getting out for regular walks to slowly get the legs back in trim. It’s still working hard enough at the day job to make the walk possible And all through this time, Christmas is getting closer.

Now those who know me will probably not have self discipline down as my strongest suit. In fact the strongest suits are not those I am usually associated with. I must have been at the back of the queue when they were doling out strong suits. Life is a bit like a game of poker, and you don’t always need the best hands to get by okay. So I am just going to have to get by without the discipline thing and get it done in frenetic little bursts and that way, bit by bit, all will finally drop into place.

Having said all that, things are actually moving forward. I talked today with Stephenson’s (the makers of my Warmlite tent) and the tent is currently at the sewers, (that’s machinists, not underground waste water systems) so that is moving along. Some large sized Sue Ryder T-shirts have arrived to be donned at pubs to raise the profile of the fundraising effort whilst on the walk itself. The new rucsac has been out for a walk loaded with full Lejog kit, which came in at around 26/28lbs. The boots have now done 105 miles so are well on the way to being properly broken in. The route is crawling along a little bit further up the Pennine Way – Bellingham now.

So, the next pressing thing is Lynnie’s Christmas present and stocking presents.

I think I need to plan for that one. It makes all this Lejog planning look like a tea party.

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