Sunday, 17 December 2006


Sunday evening. Christmas minus eight. The family descends on the village.

We were in Bath this weekend to collect the daughter and spend some quality time with more of the tribe. Three Nieces. Octogenarian Grandparents. Inlaws. Outlaws. We did them all.

A whole weekend with no route-planning. No walks. Just sat, hiding behind a large Sunday newspaper. But I am now safely home back in the settee. I know – I should have done better.

The wife is sort of talking to me, after a pretty quiet car journey back. So quiet I thought it would be good to listen to the Bulgarian Christmas on Radio Three. So much better than silence. She hates Radio Three. It will get better.

On a positive note: They had a much kinder set of bathroom scales down there in the West Country. Three pounds kinder than ours.

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  1. Alan
    Can you send me those scales please?


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