Friday, 8 December 2006


With Lynnie away in Scotland at the moment I thought I would try out my own culinary skills.

There were the usual ingredients in the fridge (lots of raw stuff like vegetables & things in jars three years past their sell-by date with green fur on top) so I thought that it was a good as time as any to try out the Norwegian dried meals I had bought a few weeks back in Keswick from George Fishers.

I chose Cod & Potato - I opened up the pack and was pouring the boiling water in when the mobile rang (Hell - a client!) So there I was trying to stir a scalding packet of dust and glop with one hand whilst steering the client through a tricky bit of negotiation. I was worried that I would not be able to stir in the dried stuff in the bottom corners of the packet and leave a concretey bit of cod & potato. I rushed my unfortunaste client along and told him that if he had any trouble he was to ring me back. By this time my bag of nosh-up had started spilling over the worktop with my one-handed efforts and I was sure it was going to be a disaster. I duly sealed the packet and waited a few minutes for the sorcery to do its stuff and then topped it all up to make it look like food rather than ready-mixed concrete.

I sat at the kitchen table with my orange packet in hand (It says to eat it from the packet to keep it as warm as possible) and poured myself a nice glass of Sancerre. Just trying to create field conditions, you understand.

Well - I was amazed. It actually tasted really good - the cod was full of flavour and a nice firm texture, the potato tasted like it was made of potato and nice creamy butter. It also had a few random green vegetables in the mix,which added to the pleasure on the fork (you don't see much of the food as it is hidden in the bowels of the packet).

The Sancerre was lovely too, and after polishing off the very reasonable portion of nosh I thought it only right that I should do the same for the rest of the bottle. True Field conditions!

I shall try the Sweet & Sour Chicken tonight! - (This post was made from the PDA and then edited for text style and colour from the laptop - I cannot seem to do that from the PDA, so the blog on the walk will not have colour text - shame - unless I can work it out before then)

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