Thursday, 7 December 2006


I met Lynnie in London yesterday – I got down there in reasonable time but she was going to be a while longer than she had thought so I toddled off for a browse. I was to meet her in the Charlotte Street Hotel bar, so I wasn’t far from Itchy Feet.

An hour later I was the proud owner of two new precious things – a ‘Lemon Tree’ T22 Minimalist Super-light ‘titanium’ mummy shaped silk sleeping bag liner (weighs in at a mere 64 grams! - I reckon the words weigh more than the liner) and a lovely Exped Drybag (XS 3 litre) at 35 grams, for my PHD Minimus down jacket.

A chap gets cold in just a base layer and Velez jacket when he stops on top of a hill, so it’s nice to pull on a snugly jacket to stay warm. This bag will mean that I can stuff it in an outside pocket of my pack where I can get it easily and it will stay nice and dry. I hate opening up the main body of my pack during the day for stuff, as the contents can get soaked in bad weather and the careful packing gets all disturbed. Far better to have the stuff I need for the day accessible in the outside pockets of the sack.

The sleeping bag liner was a real find – Lemon Tree make them in three weights – ‘Global Endurance’, ‘Light Backpacker’ and ‘Minimalist Super-light’. There was no choice really, was there! They also make them in three Styles – ‘Square’, ‘Mummy’ shaped and ‘Hostel’; a bigger square cut bag. A great idea to keep the bag fresher longer on a long trip; it can easily be washed over-night in a hand-basin and be dry in the morning.

These liners are shown well on their website

There was still quite a while to go before Dinner so a nice cup of tea in the Amalfi later, we toddled off to Foyles. Half an hour later of ‘just browsing, Lynnie’ I came out with four nice new National Trail guides – Offa’s Dyke, North & South and Pennine Way, North & South.

I had been loaned these by my ‘LEJOG Angels’ but I felt I couldn’t possibly take them with me and get them soaked, covered in mud etc, so I should get my own to abuse.

All this was followed by an excellent Birthday bash at Lindsay House doing the ‘taster menu’. Lynnie was convinced that there was some famous girl singer sitting at the next table – but I wouldn’t have known her if she had been sitting on my lap and calling me ‘Uncle’, so I cannot say if she was right or not. The food, wine, ambience and company were all gorgeous.

Not a bad Birthday!

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