Tuesday, 5 December 2006


At last, things are coming together.

For some mysterious reason, my mapping system is now behaving itself (mostly – there are still weird glitches, but I am sure that between Anquet & me we can sort them out) and I am at last getting further along with plotting my route.

I have now plotted all the way to the end of Offa’s Dyke; that’s 29 walking days. Next comes the link between Prestatyn and Edale. My original intention was to follow the ‘Cestrian Link’ and two very kind chaps have lent me their books on the route. (Both are accomplished End to Enders, Bryan Crick & Ian Shiel). Having taken a careful squint at the route I am dumping the idea.

I quite fancy Chester – I have never been there and it’s supposed to be quite a nice spot. Besides that, I am expecting to be missing Lynnie by then. She will have seen me off at Land’s End, seen me for a day off at Bath (another nice city with the benefit of our daughter living there too) and this woman likes her comforts. So I quite fancy Chester – should be some nice hotels there and a nice spot for a day off.

So, the next bit of planning will have to take in Chester.

Tomorrow should be a good day too. Tomorrow’s my birthday, so I am meeting Lynnie in London in the afternoon and then we are off to a nice restaurant to celebrate.

You have to go through shitty bits in life (I know; I have had plenty of them) so when things start to run smoothly again it does seem all the more sweet.


  1. Andy
    have a great time tomorrow, and happy birthday for then as well.

    Oh and baring any last minute emergencies, I'm definitely up in Wisbech a week Friday. So Saturday for a drink would be good.

  2. Hi Darren - Get in touch by email and we can fix up where to meet - Cheers


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