Sunday, 3 December 2006


Well - I have got Anquet maps working at last - It's been a struggle - This version is so much harder to use than the first edition I had! I am sure there must be a benefit with the new software, but I have yet to find one.
So at last I am getting the route plotted onto maps and getting them printed out onto my A4 sheets of paper. I now have maps printed with routes on all the way to Knighton on Offa's Dyke. That's 22 walking days - so I reckon thats about 80 walking days left to plot and print.... This is getting to be quite hard work!

So, with the rucsack doing well (It looked after me on the Hartington walk - I always tell new walkers that your rucksack is your friend - I will explain in a later post...) I thought it was time to get it a new liner. I cannot stand rucsack covers that billow and blow all over the place. The old liner from the ULA-P2 was too big and so it was time to get a smaller one. A trip to 'Open Air'; my favourite local outdoor shop in Cambridge, also produced a new e-light too. Thanks to Weird Darren for the tip off on his blog - a great little find.
Another bit of good news - my lovely new sleeping bag arrived on Friday. It's wonderful - not quite what I expected - the berry red inner didn't materialize, it's in a rather chic black, so I am happy. It is quite scrumptious.

Lynnie has been wrapping presents for Christmas Stockings all day today (Mum's, my sister's, nephew's, son, daughter and mine!) as she is shortly going to be jetting all over the country and abroad for work and says she is running out of time. That gave me an opportunity to nip out for an hour and a half for a Hemingford Round, widdershin style. (I don't do Christmas till my birthday is out of the way)
So, all in all a splendid last few days.

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