Friday, 29 December 2006


The title says it all.

So, those of you who don’t get turned on by new pretty things can turn to another channel now…

Father Christmas was kind to me (he has already bought me a smart new Gin Palace, yet to arrive) and he filled my stocking with all sorts of pretty things. Apart from the usual Satsuma and chocolate pennies he also very cleverly sent a new, smaller first aid kit and a new tiny Petzl headtorch.

My usual first aid kit I take on TGO Challenges weighs in at around a pound, as I take enough stuff to deal with two people falling off mountains; the theory being that my walking partner will have several limbs hanging on only by threads and I will have to deal with it using my own resources. Now, this has never happened, though Mick Coady did once slide down into the clouds below into the invisible torrent fifty feet below us, but the only resulting injury was a broken ankle that surfaced a few days later, and that was cured by me carrying his rucksack and him doing a good impression of Long John Silver on his walking poles all the way to A&E.

So, my thinking goes, for this walk all I will need is stuff to patch myself up and I won’t need all that guff for the others. In my first aid kit I will pack: Steristrips, a bandage, Micropore tape, a dressing, plasters, Dioralite, paracetomol & codeine, Imodium (ooh that is SO important!), scissors, antiseptic wipes, plus my usual stuff for blood pressure & gout! So I will save about half a pound and a bit of space too. Handy, in my tiny little Osprey sack.

The Petzl torch is a little wonder, with all sorts of settings that I am sure I will never use. It says it will last about forty hours, so with say sixty nights in a tent, that should be fine and I wont need to carry spare batteries. Up in the north in June I doubt I will need it at all, as then it is almost perpetual daylight. If you pop over to Weird Darren’s blog, you will see that he describes it quite well a week or so back (with pictures!)

He also very cleverly sent me a nice Tupperware sort of box for the computer stuff, but I think I must have given him the wrong sizes, as it didn’t all fit in, so his elves will be sending out a slightly bigger one!

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