Saturday, 30 December 2006


Ten pounds of ugly fat. That was the target I set myself.

Imagine that for one moment. That is about a gallon of fat. That’s how much Lynnie puts in her chip fryer. Or putting it another way, the weight of a man’s head.

And with Christmas and the New Year in the way too. Drinks party earler today, then Don’s in Cambridge for lunch and dinner out tomorrow night at Spine Crusher Lagers!

The little elves bought the new plastic box for the computer and chargers today, and I was horrified to find that when it was all in the box it came to over a kilo. Initially horrified by this fact, I was cheered up when I realised I had already lost over that in the belly stakes.

I still have five pounds to go though. That looks like three cans of motor oil all lined up. Ho hum.

On a positive note, I am now passed Loch Lomond on the planning. Only a few days to go to Oban. Then I can get on with planning the Rab TGO Challenge part of the walk.

Phil was in a cheery mood earlier this evening as he has just finished his. And it sounds like a splendid dash too. More on that another day.

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  1. You're going to be so skinny and fit within a few weeks of starting this walk. I'm green with envy!


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