Monday, 1 January 2007


At last – I have reached Oban with my planning and I have worked out where my rest-days are going to be, assuming that I finish each day as I have planned, which is a big assumption.

When I pencilled in the route a few months back on my old Anquet Maps software, I estimated it to be about 1,000 miles to get me to Oban. Quite amazingly, having planned it accurately, it has come out at 1,009 miles and about 140,000 feet of ascent to get me to sea level at Oban!

I get nine days off in that thousand miles and to get to Oban it’s 62 days of walking. That’s 16.3 miles a day on average. The biggest day planned is 23.5 miles, the shortest; 10.1 – my first day.

The significance of Oban is that I can now plan my Rab TGO Challenge route, and so I have now lined it in. All it needs now is to break it into walkable chunks and ensure there are enough re-supply points enroute. I need to get this off to the organisers ASAP so that they can get it back to me vetted in case of any cock-ups.

The new boots have now done 129 miles. Must be careful not to wear them out…

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