Tuesday, 2 January 2007


Well - here is the breakdown so far - forgive the untidiness of the table - MS Excel doesn't like being pasted into Blogger!

Date / Route / Distance (km)

Thursday 01-Mar Land's End - Penzance 16.1
Friday 02-Mar Penzance - Porthleven 22.6
Saturday 03-Mar Porthleven - Lizard 21.3
Sunday 04-Mar Lizard - Gweek 19.1
Monday 05-Mar Gweek - Truro 25.5
Tuesday 06-Mar Truro - Indian Queens 23.0
Wednesday 07-Mar Indian Queens - St Breward 32.4
Thursday 08-Mar St Breward - Launceston 35.6
Friday 09-Mar Day Off
Saturday 10-Mar Launceston - Bridestow 27.7
Sunday 11-Mar Bridestow - South Zeal 21.1
Monday 12-Mar South Zeal - Crediton 22.9
Tuesday 13-Mar Crediton - Tiverton 23.5
Wednesday 14-Mar Tiverton - Taunton 37.6
Thursday 15-Mar Taunton - Street 35.3
Friday 16-Mar Street - Midsomer Norton 31.9
Saturday 17-Mar Midsomer Norton - Bath 23.9
Sunday 18-Mar Day Off

Monday 19-Mar Bath - Alveston 35.4
Tuesday 20-Mar Alveston - St Briavels 28.9
Wednesday 21-Mar St Briavels - White Castle 29.4
Thursday 22-Mar White Castle - Hay on Wye 34.2
Friday 23-Mar Hay on Wye - Kington 24.1
Saturday 24-Mar Kington - Knighton 21.7
Sunday 25-Mar Day Off
Monday 26-Mar Knighton - Brompton Crossroads 24.1
Tuesday 27-Mar Brompton Crossroads - Buttington Bridge 19.5
Wednesday 28-Mar Buttington Bridge - Llanymynech 16.4
Thursday 29-Mar Llanymynech - Chirk Mill 22.4
Friday 30-Mar Chirk Mill - Llandegla 25.7
Saturday 31-Mar Llandegla - Bodfari 28.5
Sunday 01-Apr Bodfari - Prestatyn 19.7
Sunday 01-Apr Prestatyn - Trelogan 9.3
Monday 02-Apr Trelogan - Chester 37.1
Tuesday 03-Apr Day Off
Wednesday 04-Apr Chester - Broken Cross 35.0
Thursday 05-Apr Broken Cross - Bollington 31.0
Friday 06-Apr Bollington - Edale 24.7
Saturday 07-Apr Day Off
Sunday 08-Apr Edale - Crowden 26.1
Monday 09-Apr Crowden - Standedge 18.1
Tuesday 10-Apr Standedege - Hebden Bridge 24.6
Wednesday 11-Apr Hebden Bridge - Ponden 18.2
Thursday 12-Apr Ponden - Thornton in Craven 18.0
Friday 13-Apr Thornton - Malham 17.2
Saturday 14-Apr Day Off

Sunday 15-Apr Malham - Horton in Ribblesdale 23.8
Monday 16-Apr Horton - Hawes 21.6
Tuesday 17-Apr Hawes - Keld 19.8
Wednesday 18-Apr Keld - Baldersdale 23.9
Thursday 19-Apr Baldersdale - Langdon Beck 22.7
Friday 20-Apr Langdon Beck - Dufton 20.5
Saturday 21-Apr Dufton - Alston 30.4
Sunday 22-Apr Day Off
Monday 23-Apr Alston - Greenhead 25.8
Tuesday 24-Apr Greenhead - Bellingham 34.2
Wednesday 25-Apr Bellingham - Byrness 24.5
Thursday 26-Apr Byrness - Refuge Hut 29.2
Friday 27-Apr Refuge Hut - KY- Morebattle 19.1
Saturday 28-Apr Morebattle - Newton St Boswell 32.7
Sunday 29-Apr Day Off
Monday 30-Apr Newton St Boswell - Stow 23.3
Tuesday 01-May Stow - Penicuik 33.4
Wednesday 02-May Penicuik - Broxburn 31.5
Thursday 03-May Broxburn - Falkirk 28.7
Friday 04-May Falkirk - Milton of Campsie 29.1
Saturday 05-May Milton of Campsie - Drymen 26.0
Sunday 06-May Drymen - Rowardenan 18.4

Monday 07-May Rowardenan - Toman Biorach 30.6
Tuesday 08-May Toman Biorach - Glen Noe 27.5
Wednesday 09-May Glen Noe - Oban 28.3
1,613.8 km


  1. Wow, that is so extremely exciting! I'd love to join you for a day or so along the Pennine bits :)

    I've been distracted recently, and haven't been able to keep up in my usual internet haunts, so I'll go back to the start of your blog and read all the juicy details.

    Initially I thought those Kms were miles, incidentally: I was absolutely knackered just reading the list :)

    x S

  2. Hello My little Pink Porker!

    There is no way that those could be kilometres as if they were so, there would be no time for the pit-stops in all the ale-houses. I need to get my refuelling and tyre change down to about an hour and a half.

    I know it can be done if I try.


  3. Hi Alan!

    This is very, very cool, and just a little bit mad - just perfect!

    You are really inspiring my housemate Elena who wanted to bike across the UK, but till-now has been put off by boring stay-at-homes. After reading bits of your journal to her she has now been re-inspired...

    We'll both be following your adventures with eager anticiptation...

    All the best, Richard

  4. Hi Richard, Hi Elena

    Thanks for dropping in. It's possible to get two-thirds of your way through your allotted span and realise its all whizzing past you at an alarming rate.

    The time to do it is now.

    Get out those maps, oil the chain and polish the bicycle seat. Re-tension that old Sturmey-Archer and go and do it Elena - and drag Richard out with you. No excuses.


  5. Hi Alan,

    I now see your route in more detail, and the last two B&B lists I sent won't be much use to you. Our routes cross occasionally but our schedules don't correspond except potentially at JOG. If I get to JOG, I'll look out for your signature, and you can look for mine. If we get there at the same time, we can drink the pub dry.


  6. Hi Daryl

    For those of you who have not bumped into Daryl yet, he is also doing a LEJOG this year. He is coming over from Florida to walk the length of our kingdom.

    He is starting three weeks behind me, but by the sound of things we should end up at the top end at roughly the same time. Daryl's route is unconventional in that he is keeping to the north west in England and taking in the Lake District.

    He is also very bravely navigating by using his PDA rather than paper maps!

    So Daryl - Good luck - and if we do bump into each other we should have a bit of a party!


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