Tuesday, 9 January 2007


So good, I am doing it twice.

By incorporating the Rab TGO Challenge, the ‘No Ferries’ rule, and the wish to go to Cape Wrath, my route back to the West coast gives me a choice: Either go North of Loch Ness or South of it, on the return leg to the West coast.

Going North means Inverness, South means Braemar.

Decision made. Braemar it is then. That means I am going through the same place on my walk twice. This is the only time that this happens on the walk. And it couldn’t happen to a nicer place. Braemar has excellent places to sleep, a couple of really good sit-down eateries and one of the best fish & chip shops in… Braemar.

So the route is now at Walking Day 79. Beautiful Braemar. My route to get here is via Fettercairn, Water of Feughs and Ballater. Some nice hilly bits in the route too.

When I get my planning to Strathcarron I will publish the route from Oban to Strathcarron on the blog with mileages & dates.

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