Wednesday, 31 January 2007



Living in England for the last few years, with the revolution in customer service attitudes that has taken place, I had forgotten what it was like to talk to an automaton with power.
The United States Postal Service just beggars belief in their appalling attitude to customer service. I have been calling them for the last few days asking where my parcel containing my tent could be.
It takes at least three times of going through a stupid, big breasted, blonde woman answering service before you are actually gifted the reward of speaking with a human being. I say 'Human Being' loosely here, but actually mean Small Minded Fat Bigot Who Really Does Not Give A Damn, and who would much rather be shoving super-size BigMacs down his throat rather than speak to someone who needed help.
Yesterday I was assured that if the parcel had not shown up by today then they would start 'inquiries' into it's whereabouts.
Sure enough - You've guessed it - it did not show up and the USPS does not give a monkey's **** about it either.
I am incensed! (You may have guessed this by now)
This post in not meant in anyway to be derrogatory towards big breasted blonde women. In fact quite the reverse: This woman managed to get the job, despite being stupid. It can only have been that her employing supervisor liked big breasted blonde women. How else did she get the job?


On the other hand, Scarpa have excelled themselves today. Even though they do not stock the laces in the UK for my Scarpa Nepals, they are getting in five pairs for me from Italy.
Well done Scarpa, and thank you! (Perhaps you could send someone over to USPS to give them a few lessons in Customer Service) On second thoughts, don't go there. Let them rot in hell and go bust.


  1. Cheer up Alan - you've still got your good old faithful Akto to fall back on!

  2. Hrrmmph: This has not been a good afternoon. Blogger has been down so (that happens a lot...) I have been unable to reply to you Ali.

    The old Akto is just that - OLD. The elastics supporting the inner tent perished a few years back and are sort of the right length now by tying them in knots, but this loses their flexibility.

    The groundsheet is now semi porous. The flysheet seams are not what they used to be after an oaf fell over my tent after returning from the Old Dungeon Ghyll bar a few years ago.

    It is now twelve years old and will not make the trip!

    Ho hum... Musn't Grumble...


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