Sunday, 21 January 2007


(Phil’s new trousers)

I had been doing okay. It was reported here that I had indeed made a 50% inroad into the target set of losing ten pounds of ugly fat.

That was before high tea at the Izaac Walton Hotel, Friday night down the Axe with the banker and the farmer (Lynnie didn’t make it down there – she was murdering someone in Midsummer - so the ‘off’ switch was disconnected) and today.

Today, Phil & his Wonderful Wife were round for lunch and a quick nip around the Hemingford Round. The tally wasn’t too bad: 2 bottles of white, 1 bottle of fizz and two excellent bottles of red. Ah, and the whisky. Phil’s WW was driving and Lynnie was being careful, so Phil & I shouldered the burden of the bulk of the bottles. Lunch was a modest affair before our expected exertions of the walk but dinner was a wonderful three courses starting with a haggis, swede & potato starter, then roast lamb followed by home made lemon meringue pie.

Ooooh! It were reet handsome!

I dread getting on the scales tomorrow morning.

However, all this reporting of gluttony pales into insignificance compared to Phil’s latest purchase. He has bought a pair of Designer Jeans… Size 36” waist… Phil has given in to comfort. We all know a man’s waist size stays constant after he hits thirty years old. All you need to do is to tuck the waist band beneath the burgeoning belly and all is well.

But Phil is a man of high principal. Integrity is all. Not for him the flop of the belly over the top, after doing up the last button of the trousers. Oh no. Phil is comfy in his new trousers and I am happy for him.


  1. Guten Morgen, Alan, from Germany.

    I've just discovered your blog via JohnnyB and am looking forward to reading about your hike.

    I'm 62 now and not so fit as I once was, so 12 miles a day is about my maximum. But as a 20-year-old student I once rode my motorcycle from LE to JoG (aboout 900 miles I think), and back and enjoyed it thoroughly.

    I hope you are going to take plenty of photos to share with us.

    I'll put you on my blogroll for the duration of the hike, so that others may find you too.

    Take care (and a mobile phone ;-)

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  3. Al,

    I am, and remain, a 34” waist - it is the trousers that have got smaller.

    The scene: A gentlemans’ outfitters in Cambridge. I am discovered surrounded by discarded legwear from the 34” rail.

    Assistant: Perhaps sir might like to try a 36” waist?

    Me: Whatever for? All these are obviously made in China, and they are saving material by skimping on the cut.

    Assistant: Let’s see. (swiftly throws a tape measure around my waist – it shows a measurement of 36”)

    Me (horrified): That can’t be right!

    Assistant (smirking slightly): Perhaps it’s a Chinese tape measure, sir?

    Wife snorts with suppressed laughter. I realise that it is two against one. I try a 36”. They fit perfectly. However, I have a 34” waist. Therefore they must be 34”. QED.

    I will be taking the matter up with Trading Standards.

  4. Hello Stu and Welcome to my Planet.

    You are very lucky that you have memories of 42 years ago: I have trouble with what happened this morning. The blog helps me to remember, as will my photographs of the walk. It would be a shame to get to the end and not remember the beginning...

    And now I shall turn to mate Phil: Firstly I am sorry for your double entry; the problems came about as a result of me fiddling with the setttings and not understandng what I was doing (no change there then)

    You are probably right about your waist - after all you do have very slim girly feet.


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