Friday, 19 January 2007


Those statistics published below got me to thinking: 67,000 metres. That’s 42 miles of vertical ascent.

That means I could have climbed under my own steam through the Troposphere, upwards and onwards through the Stratosphere and slap bang into the middle of the Mesosphere.

That’s above the height of Mt Everest, above the range of commercial airliners above good old Concorde’s range, above even weather balloons. Yes: I am up there where the meteors crash and flame in the night sky! It can get pretty cold up there; it can get to -100 Celsius, so I will definitely need the down jacket.

An astronaut is given a certificate for space flight if he has flown above 50 miles; that’s only another eight miles away.

Of course Astronauts have all those problems with loose tiles and burning up on re-entry. My problem after yesterday’s gales is loose thatch and as for re-entry, I am not going there. Not on this blog.

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