Saturday, 13 January 2007


Phil’s LEJOG countdown he sent me tells me that there are forty seven days to go before I set off from Land’s End.

I just hope that they will not all be like today.

I drove down to Mum’s today, as she has just come out from a stay in hospital. We are all worried about how she will cope as she is now markedly less mobile, but we will see what Social Services can do on Monday to improve things.

On the way down on the A1 a huge Bulgarian truck pulled out into my lane when I was alongside his rear axle. Thank God for ABS and big fat tyres. From his subsequent behaviour he obviously thought it was all my fault. I am all for European expansion, but not into my lane.

As Mum is now less mobile and now on crutches, we cleared her home of things that could trip her up. I took my brother’s telephone chair and my old coffee table down to the tip (sorry, ‘recycling centre’). That was particularly difficult as we had made them when we were about twelve years old, and they had been part of the family’s life for forty years. Neither were works of art. My coffee table in particular was rough, poorly jointed and very badly varnished. David’s telephone chair was of solid chipboard and painted in a solid brown.

Both pieces of furniture had been part of family life throughout the years. Like the family, they were functional, not works of high art, but they were honest attempts and did the job. But now the decks are being cleared and we are moving on.

Tomorrow I am going for a walk to clear my head.

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  1. Alan. the MOD have been on the phone to me requesting the location of the tip onto which you have disposed a national security item ie 'the coffee table' all the readers out there ( if there are any!)let me explain. That coffee table survived years of alan and me fighting each other and falling on top of it, hitting each other with it and using it as a defensive shield when the going got hot and the missiles (normally Alans plimsoles) came rainining in. It was never beaten..Ronnie Reagan wanted to research it's properties when he was looking to develop his 'star wars' programme all those years ago.
    As for my chipboard chair!!! The Tate modern and terrence Conran has been on the phone to me playing hell!! iconic furniture design I called it and they agreed!!..It was specifically designed by me to ergodynamically take our 'trimphone'

    You always were a heartless bastard!! least our old muvver wont fall over them.

    Your little brother..Dave.

    PS that poor Bulgarian wagon driver...I've seen your driving.


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