Monday, 15 January 2007


Slightly surprisingly, just over half of this walk is actually in Scotland. From the years I have spent bimbling around in Scotland I have noticed that it is quite a hilly place.

Now, the trouble with hills is that that are higher than the surrounding land. When you are on top of a hill you are generally higher than the ground all around you, and as long as the weather is fine you should have a good view. That’s generally when my problems start.

You see, I don’t have a great head for heights. Offa’s Dyke, the Pennines; generally okay. The ground falls away gradually, apart from the places that are not quite like that. Scotland though does seem to be a bit steeper in places. The West Coast is even more like that. Having climbed up the Falls of Glomach a while back I am making pretty damn sure I am not going to climb down the Falls of Glomach this time around. The drops into the chasm are awesome when you are pointing down hill.

But today I have just planned a day’s walk that should satisfy my yearning for being in the mountains yet not be so scary that I am stuck to the side of the hill in abject terror, my rucksack pulling me off the hill into the depths of the yawning chasm below. From Torridon I am going round the back of Liatach and Beinn Eighe to breathe in, have a deep soak in one of the most wonderful places on the planet; to be surrounded by Giants before dropping down to stay with Tom & Liz at Cromasaig. I cannot think of a more perfect day in the hills.

However, there is still miles and miles of wonderful northern Scotland to explore, and from what everyone tells me, from here on it just gets better and better.

All of a sudden, this walk is getting to be more real.


  1. Plenty of scope there me old mucker! Send me the approx dates for this jaunt - its Liathach by the way old grey one and Genisis Riding the Screes springs to mind. I am moored to the north at Loch Sheildaig Bay (Gairloch) so will join you over there and maybe drag Tom over too.

  2. Tom J says you'll not get into cromasaig because you are a shirt lifter. Not entirely sure what he means.

  3. Hello Eddie, Hello Tom (Jones, so not to malign Mr Forest any further!)

    Lovely to hear from you both. At the moment the programme for nipping round the back of Beinn Eighe is Thursday 7th June - but that is miles away and so might change! A day off at Tom & Liz's and I set off for Loch an Nid on the Saturday.

    If you follow the blog while I am on the route Gavin, you will ge a good idea of the dates nearer the time.

    As to lifting my shirt, I am of the generation where it is firmly tucked in my trousers.

    Kisses to Tom, by the way....



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