Monday, 29 January 2007


Yesterday’s walk with Phil & Tini was unusual. We started at the London Gangster’s Pub where all the furniture had been stripped away, leaving just chairs around the edge of the room, looking like an expectant dance hall. We were the first in, spot on twelve o’clock. We didn’t fancy eating on our laps and so just kept to a liquid diet of Greene King IPA.

An odd start.

A few steps into our walk in the wood, we came across flowering celandines. This is January!

Just four days earlier, I had been taken a picture of the trees outside Mission Control’s window covered in snow.

We strolled onwards to the woodland cardboard box burial field to find a sporty little Peugeot filled with Yoofs on board. Strange exotic smells escaping from the open windows. An odd place to take your pleasures in the middle of nowhere on a bleakish Sunday afternoon in Cambridgeshire. It takes all sorts.

Having said that they are probably wondering what on earth three walkers are doing in the middle of bleakish Cambridgeshire wearing rucksacks on a Sunday afternoon. Grave robbing?

I am not sure about all this global warming. Yes, it is getting warmer but I am not convinced that it is the handiwork of man. Not many centuries ago man was living in huts and having a warm & sunny life on Dartmoor. You wouldn’t want to do that nowadays. The Romans grew vines all over Britain.

Climate does change. Plants, animals and man adapt. Life always has on our planet. Okay, things will change, but surely that will bring with it opportunities too. I suppose if you are living in Central London and the Thames takes over your sitting room, it isn’t too clever.

Personally, I don’t see it as a problem. Things change. We just have to change with it.

I’ll get my tin hat now…


  1. The tent has arrived and it is both very lightweight and roomy. The material is kind of slicky,(I think it is hot air balloon material) so it seems tricky to get a good hold on it. It requires only 3 stakes, but we will be taking a few more for safety. Our weather has been too cold to set it up outside, but in our living room it set up easily and is warm. Glad your friend Phil sent us the Challenge Countdown- we have Challengitis also!
    Lou and Phyl

  2. Hello America!

    Well, I have a tracking number for my tent, which shows that it left America on the 20th January, but it has yet to show up in England. So, still no sign of it. I have alerted the Coastguard and HM Customs to let me know as soon as the eagle has landed, but as yet, nothing. Nada.

    Email me a picture of you both with your new Warmlite 2C and I will post it on here!

    All the best to you Lou & Phyl,



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