Tuesday, 30 January 2007


A post for Shirley. Just Shirley. No one else.
All these bloggers seem to clutter up my links (Great Places to Visit). Shirley (aka PeeWiglet) has been there all along with her magnificent website.
With my impending walk in mind, I revisited her Pennine Way account the other day. What a great read. She goes through the agonies & ecstasies of the Lone Long Distance Walker.
She also hands out first hand personal experiences that touch a chord within us all. Sensitively written with nice touches of humility.
Get over there and take a look - but a word of warning - give yourself some time - you can spend many happy hours in there! It's not just for walkers. Its a great read.
I will put a link to her site in "Great Places to Visit"


  1. What a really lovely post! I've only just seen it, I'm so far behind. Thanks v. much for saying such nice things about my PW write-up. I'm so glad you enjoyed it that much.

    **hugs you**


  2. Hi Shirl

    With all the bloggers out there now, you will never catch up!

    Nice hug, btw


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