Thursday, 8 February 2007


Wanda Warmlite needs only three pegs to stand proud atop the windswept moor. Two at the front and one at the rear. With this few, I think it prudent to invest in anchors that do just that; anchor Windswept Wanda. My old North Face Golden Nails are now quite ancient and a little bent. The tent relies totally on three pegs to hold it up and the old hollow nails just are not up to it.

So I nip over to Bearded Git on the Web's excellent site and click on his link to Clamcleats and order up a few titanium Tornado tentpegs and a trial pack of 2mm Dyneema line with Line-Locks . I will attach these to the top of the rear pole to give me bomb proof stability.

With all this snow about, it's too cold to seam-seal the tent today. Ideally I need a nice warm weekend - anyone out there who works at the Met office? Can you fix it for me?


  1. snow - what snow?
    better move south alan

  2. Hi Alan

    Please let me know how good the customer-service is at ClamCleats - I've had a few e-chats with them about their products, but I haven't actually ordered anything yet.



  3. Hello Oh Great Beardy One!

    In a word - excellent. The pegs and lines arrived this morning. All very efficient, and helpful over the phone as well.

    Thank you for your excellent link.

  4. Thanks, Alan

    I'll get an order in soon, then.




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