Wednesday, 7 February 2007


Now I have put her up in the garden, I thought I would tell you a little about her.

Theo asks if she has a single skin: Well, I suppose the answer is Yes and No.

Let me explain: You need to refer to the photographs in the yesterday’s posting to assist here. The two conical ends are single skinned. The slightly conical central tube between the two poles – the main body of the tent - is actually a sealed double skin tent – the air is trapped between the two layers of material. The outer is the balloon weight slippery nylon; the inner lining is made from aluminized fabric, so it is a warm, light tent – Warmlite.

The tent has three vents – one at the bottom at the rear, one at the top of the door, and one at the bottom of the door. These vents are covered with no-seeum mesh to keep out the mozzies. So, the tent vents itself to minimise any condensation. Any that does occur runs out of the bottom vents.

To tension the tent there are tension buckles at the front of the tent, pulling against the tension straps at the rear of the tent.

The poles are something else! Big fat incredibly strong golden pre-bent poles for the front and smaller diameter pre—bent poles at the rear. They seem to weigh nothing.

The door has two sets of zips – the outer zip is big and tough and does all the tension work and the inner zip is inset with a flap to ensure weather tightness.

When I next put her up to do the seam sealing, I will take photos to illustrate this better.


  1. Hi Alan,

    Could you take some photos of the poles, they sound interesting.

    One thing that gets me about this tent is how are you going to cope without a porch - how will you do your cooking or store wet gear ?



  2. Hi Steve, I'll do piccies of the poles when I seam seal Wanda.

    Without a porch - I have thought a lot about that. The way I look at is like this: The inside is so big (It's five feet wide at the front) that there is acres of room for me, my mattress, my wet gear, rucsac all laid out.

    A judicious J Cloth will be handy for puddles brought in by me from the horrid, nasty, nasty outside weather!

    As for cooking - I hope that that will not be too much of a problem - I have one of those fold out plastic bases for the gas cannister that should make it stable enough.

    I suppose I will work it all out when I take it our for a walk. I am a pretty organised chap in my wendy house (everything is always in the same place, in nice straight, polite lines) so I reckon I should be able to cope.

  3. Interesting poles!!!! am I missing something here Steve??? Come on now please. Get a life springs to mind.

    Sorry...American tent Blue in colour (color for you good people in the US of A. ) All I am worried about is 2 A10 Warthog tank busters confusing my brothers tent for a fleeing Iraqi tank with orange missile launchers!!!


  4. Steve,

    Did I tell you about the time my little brother, Dave, nicked my socks? (Mind you, the other one nicked my 'Machine Head' and Dave copped the blame for it for something like thirty years - not that I bear grudges, oh no.)

    Pity the man with no soul!

  5. Alan..
    Who'se got no soul?

    me for pinching your socks or Gwyn for pinching 'Machine Head'

    There are a lot of issues coming out on this Blog

  6. Ah Dave,

    Soulful Steve just knows and agrees that these golden poles are poetic. They should be installed in the Tate (we could get Niece Mary to hang them for us). Much more beauty than the normal tosh found in there... (Sister Hilary dosn't have a computer, so we are safe! but AAGHH! Sarah drops by occassionally.)

  7. Tate modern..I wouldn't hang 'em in the Tate and Lyle....Golden Poles.. Blue skins , double skins.Cooking spots 2x 3 metres...

    Is it light, warm , waterproof and anti aircraft proof........

    Thats all i would worry about

    Love you you old git!!

    |Little Bruv.


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