Friday, 16 February 2007


There are some amongst us who need to know:

195 miles so far in the New Boots.

And relax.


  1. dear uncle Alan, 195 miles! the funny thing is I've walked 195 yards in my school shoes and they have already got holes in them!

    hope the boots don't wear out, from Tom Sloman

    p.s. i will send some money for Grandad from my pocket money he was a good egg.

  2. Dear Tom

    Your Dad always got through a lot of expensive Clarkes school shoes. It was always the 'kicking foot' that wore out first. That was after about 195 yards too...

    I will be going past the Clarkes Factory soon, so I shall have a word with their Fat Controller, to see if he can do anything about your shoddy footwear.

    Lots of love,

    Uncle Alan

  3. Alan, are you ready for your big podcast expose?

    This week I'm just going to have to catch up with you and get the lowdown on the big trip and gear, gear and more gear

  4. Hope the Clarks factory is still making shoes...last time i went it was shut down and all the shoes were being made abroad!
    Good luck Alan hope all goes well with the journey down to Lands End and the great walk up hill from Cornwall to Bristol. Hot, bath, home cooking and a clean bed await you in Alveston!Your dad would be proud of you...and yes Tom grandad was a really good egg, one of the best!
    Love Cuz Helenxx


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