Friday, 16 February 2007


No, not more about the tent; you have seen enough about the tent (Well my brother Dave has, at any rate: I hope his fridge door is fixed now.) No: This is about the good guys; chaps and chapesses who are helpful and deserve a mention. Here are a few in the first wave of ”thank-you’s”.

Dan Jones: The Mountain Boot Company: Excellent chap who has sent me (free of charge) loads of laces of the correct shade and hue to match my beautiful Scarpa Nepals so that I shall end up with beautiful bows rather than a tangle of knots if I ever make it to John O’Groats.

Rob: Osprey: For sorting out my impossible to source rucksack.

Ian Shiel: (Double LEJOGer!): For superb support in the route planning stages of this effort and unselfish loan of countless maps, guidebooks and sound advice. That reminds me – I shall parcel them all up and get them sent back to him.

Derek Emsley: Another astonishing stalwart of the outdoor world. I have mentioned Derek in the blog, but if it wasn’t for him, I would not have found out about the TGO Challenge back in 1993. Derek has been very supportive throughout my planning and is going to deliver food parcels to me in the more remote bits of Northern Scotland as well as putting me up when I get to Kingussie.

Roger Smith: Who knows where to start when trying to explain what this man does. He is the life force behind the TGO Challenge. And a volunteer. Truly awesome.

Previous Helpful Groatsers: Ali Ashton & Brian Crick; whose diaries have been great reading and at times very valuable for information.

Mark Moxon: There is a link on the blog to Mark’s incredible website to help LEJOGers, but you will also be delighted to know that he has now published his walk in a book you can physically hold in your hand. That has got to be a great read.

Peter Lumley: One of the Founders of the Backpackers Club and an all round good egg who has supported a lot behind the scenes and given publicity to my walk. Also a founding member of the TGO DQMI Brigade (Didn’t Quite Make It) but this year hopes to finally nail it!

Daryl May: From the Good ol' US of A: Daryl is also Lejogging this year. He is starting three weeks after me and should finish before me on a slightly shorter walk - Great Moral Support and has been very helful with exchanges of information.

Phil Lambert (aka Lord Elpus, Richard of Gloucester etc): Personal Lejog trainer. “You’ll regret not doing that extra mile in Suffolk when you are lying face down in a Highland Bog, exhausted”

The outdoor world UK bloggers: Andy, John, Aktoman, Darren (weird or otherwise), the Bearded Git, “I’m so Dave” and Peewiglet (not a blogger, but a wonderful Gear Monster). This lot keep me laughing until far too late into the night, when I should be sleeping.


  1. Thanks, Alan. The support runs in both directions.

    Hope to read your blog enroute. One useful piece of info will be the Land's End "stamp" situation. Imsodave indicated they are not in business at this time of year. I liked his disdain for officialdom anyway. A picture of yourself in the vicinity of anything that identifies Land's End should suffice. Please let us know what you find there, and what you do to chronicle your start.

    By the way, for an easy first day, I'm planning to find a B&B in Penzance the night before, take a local bus* to Land's End in the morning leaving much of my stuff in the B&B, and walk from Land's End to Penzance as "Day One".

    * Bus 1 (via Sennen) or 1A (more coastal), from Penz bus stn takes about 50 mins, leaves approx hourly, eg 8.20, 9.20 and 11.20 am; "First" bus co, about L2.



  2. thnx for the kind words

  3. And don't forget to thanks the lovely wife.

    Your wonderful daughter

  4. Hello Mysterious Stranger (Do I have any wonderful daughters?)

    Jolly nice to see you!

    The Lovely Wife was going to be on the Second Wave of "thank-you's".

    Your Wonderful Elderly Guardian type Parenty thing

  5. Alan..
    Wot about your young brother who will not allow you to get ideas above your station..

    Remember if you do there is a fridge door in Leeds ( Yorkshires premier city and home to the finest football team in the UK)waiting to punish you!

    See you soon ..
    little slobags

  6. I'm a "good guy", thanks, Alan. Well, there goes my rep as a cunning genius.


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