Wednesday, 28 February 2007


Penzance: Wednesday 28th February 2007

Well: That's the hard bit done. Hundreds of miles down to the start, in the pouring rain with gusty winds. Just the easy bit left now; walking back up the way we have just come. It did seem like a very long way driving down here and that was in Lynnie's car.

I made my first mistake on arriving at the hotel. The hotel lady (very nice) saw the rucksack and asked if I was doing the coastal path. Straight in, I told her the lot. I won't be doing that again as it takes ages explaining why I am taking so long over it.

This evening's entertainment: Richard & Judy. Good grief! Still this bloggy thing should keep me occupied later on on the walk.

Hotel Crit: Blue Seas Hotel, Penzance: Modern clean and very tasteful. Good filter coffee and golden crunch biscuits. So, the biscuits have swayed it. Youth Hostel or Blues Seas for tomorrow night back in Penzance? Blue Seas, then...


  1. Richard & Judy - wow a tv star as well (lol)

    Good trip and fair weather Alan

  2. Alan...
    Don't be tempted to go on their phone in quiz (Richard and Judy) You'll never win!

    Dave...Really good luck for your 1st day


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