Thursday, 1 March 2007


Newlyn:Lunchtime: The Tolcarne Inn

(You can click on the map to make it bigger)

Cornwall is famous for its tin mines. Well I haven't seen any tin this morning, but I have seen plenty of mud. If you could sell mud, I would be a rich man in Cornwall.

This pub is glorious. Two pints of Youngs Special and a fish soup with garlic bread. Moira is an Irish girl and runs it with her husband Alan (a jazz guitarist). It will be hard to leave.

The woodburner is on and the second pint is slipping down beautifully.

We have had five fisherman in discussing how much Bert's fingers were going to cost him - he lost them in a winch and now he is finding it tricky getting his job back.


We touched on the iniquity of financing the education system and the sharp showers that I have missed completely.

Lynnie left me this morning at Land's End.

That was difficult. I wasn't sure if it was the wind or the emotion of it all, but the tears dried up at Sennen Cove when I was struggling up the hill from the beach.

I must go now to Penzance. I need to clean my boots; they are disgraceful.


  1. Hi Alan, Just listened to you on Backpackinglight podcast and had to come on here to wish you luck.

    All the best
    Jim Powell

  2. Oooh! A new reader! Wonderful -that makes three of us now!

  3. Hi Alan

    Nice to meet you in the Tolcarne on Thursday. Hope the walk goes well and I'll keep up via these pages.

    Good luck!!!

  4. When I visited Lands End I was surprised they took the sign down. Then I saw how much they charged to have your photo taken next to it and realised why!

    Please check out my walking blog, not as adventurous as yours or for such an emotional and worthy cause but good content nonetheless.

  5. Hi David
    Thanks for leaving a note - I have nipped over to your site - very nicely done! I shall drop by from time to time - just to make sure your excellent standards are kept up!


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