Thursday, 1 March 2007

The Cormorant Fish

I am now an ornithologist. After lunch I spend twenty minutes studying the cormorant off Penzance beach. I have come up with an astonishing conclusion:

The cormorant is in fact a fish. He spends 80% of his life (40 seconds at a time) below water and only 20% of his time (10 seconds) above water.



  1. And they taste nice. Consistency of turkey, but flavour of fish. Lewis-men eat anything.

    Well done on day 1, Alan. Downhill all the way from now on.

  2. Standing in the sandwich shop today my thoughts were with you. Phil was also thinking of you I think when he lightly pranged his car this afternoon. Ha!!

    Well done Alan.

    Love WW

  3. It's the 'Ha!' that hurts. I am with Phil on this one WW!

  4. He's off!!!!
    Good luck and happy walking... every journey starts with a single step and this is a journey to remember...every step of the way! See you in mid March
    Lots of love Helen [cuz]xx


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