Wednesday, 21 February 2007


I see a lot of Lynnie. We are married. It goes with the territory, well most of the time (when she is not in Dublin, Milan, Glasgow, Paris, Madrid, Munich etc and I am away in the slightly more prosaic.... Reading.
We wake up together (well, she does first during the week and makes coffee & orange juice and I do at the weekends) and so it's going to be a bit weird being away for four months and waking up to a pile of smelly clothes alongside myself in the tent.
One thing that is a worry: Who will make the orange juice and coffee?
So, in order to make up for the fact that she will have one less job to do for four months (she claims she is my 'carer') we are off out tonight for a bit of a clebratory nosh at Midsummer House in Cambridge.
Actually, Lynnie organized it as a celbratory meal - a 'sending off' meal. I cannot think why she is celebrating...

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  1. Alan, all the best for your wonderful trip! May the power always be with you! ;-)
    Nine days and counting and I'm sure a lot of people will follow your adventure on this blog. You will never be as alone as you was before without the Internet. Big brothers and sisters will be watching you...and who knows...maybe within a years time we can spot your little blue tent in one of Googleearth picures.


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