Tuesday, 20 February 2007


Lynnie thinks I have a face ‘perfect for radio.’

And so, with her words of encouragement ringing in my ears I agreed to do a podcast with the World Famous ‘Podcast Bob’. Bob runs; an excellent lightweight emporium that has already supplied me with my titanium stove and countless TGO Challengers with their new lightweight kit. He has done a few Challenges himself and embraces the lightweight philosophy. One of the delights of his site is the wide range of podcasts available to download for free and you can spend many hours listening to fascinating 30 minute shows that Bob produces.

In the past, I have turned down doing a podcast on the Challenge, as I prefer to formulate my thoughts on the page, (I must be a slow thinker) but I could not resist the chance to get my ‘cause’ out there in front of so many possible donors! It will give me access to all Bob’s listeners (there are possibly thousands out there) to get my walk a bit of publicity and hopefully a bit more sponsorship for the charity I am walking for; Sue Ryder Care. As I have been writing the blog now for getting on for four months, my ideas about the walk have slowly crystallized, so I was more comfortable chatting with Bob over the phone.

So this evening Bob and I talked about the reasons behind the walk, the route, the kit I shall be taking and why I am taking it. Bob is pretty good at this interviewing lark and whilst sorting out ‘the levels’ made me swap telephones and ran through the stuff we would be talking about to put me at my ease. It felt a little like going to the dentist and being asked about your holidays as the dentist is squirting anaesthetic into the air through a whopping great needle atop a huge syringe, before stabbing it into your gums.

Well – I think it went okay – but you can be the judge of that when Bob releases it in a few days time. So, many thanks to Bob for his efforts – he spent about an hour with me and now he has to sit down for hours & hours editing out the rubbish, the ums and errs and hopefully salvage something listenable. If it all goes well for Bob in his editing, I might be seeing him again somewhere in the Welsh Borders.

Cheers Bob.


  1. wow I will look forward to this one coming out. HURRY UP BOB!!!!

  2. looking forward to this one, and even more the follow up

  3. Me too! Nice to have a voice to the photo and the great blog entries!

    All the best for your great walk!! I will follow your postings as many others will do!



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