Monday, 19 February 2007


Here you go - Yesterdays "Pitch a Hike Tent" (The Boy Scouts amongst you will remember that one!)


  1. In the last photo, is the sun casting a shadow from your nose or do you really have a Hitler moustache?


  2. Alan:

    I’ve been using Warmlite tents for over 30 years, mostly in the States, but some in the UK. You’ve made a great choice. I notice the photo of your inserting the poles with the sections already inserted into each other to create an arch. There is a better way.

    It’s really important with this tent to make sure each pole section is firmly and completely seated in its joint (otherwise, a sleeve can get torqued and split—I’ve done it), and “pre-forming” the arch sometimes gives a connection or two a chance to work loose during the process.

    It’s better to start with the sections unassembled. Push the first one into the tent’s pole sleeve and ruck the material up around it a bit. Then insert the next section into its joint, and ruck up the rest of the fabric so that the end of the first section is inserted all the way to the other end of the sleeve. Press that end against the ground as you insert the rest of the sections one at a time, pulling fabric up around them as you go. This way you can lightly tension everything so that no section pulls partly out of its joint. (Hope that’s reasonably clear…as with many things, it would be easier to show you.)

    It’s also much better to make sure you are inserting sections INTO the joints rather that pushing joints ONTO sections, which can lead to fabric getting caught in the joints. This is a simple matter of pushing the correct end in first.

    You’ll find your Warmlite astonishingly strong and stable in wind if you pitch it well, with some good tension on it. If you’ve seam-sealed well, it will also be a good harbor in rain. Keep the vents clear of gear (especially that lower rear one!) and it will vent reasonably well, though you’ll have some dew if it’s very humid…or if you cook inside.

    Very best of luck.


  3. Mark

    I now have you down as a tent guru. If you could be there at the pitchings I would be grateful. I can give you twenty minutes warning, surely plenty of time.

    Sound advice Sir and I thank you.

    I have the feeling that these replacement Poles (Greeks) can be an expensive hobby.

    The Axe & compass was fine tonight. The Bass Players Mother was in shiny form and kicked us out in time to read 'good-night' storied to Jeremy Paxman,

  4. Mark: Of course you are right.

    I shall go and hand myself in now. The game is up.

    Did you know Himmler had chickens? The Chicken told me this on good authority tonight at the Axe & C.

    Thank you for your input...

  5. Mark:

    That should have read 'Geoff' Blame Chicken Dave' and the IPA.




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