Monday, 19 February 2007


Well - It seems like I can post to the blog using the phone when connected to the internet, all I need to be able to do now is to be able to write off line and then send it by email to the blog, which means setting up the email account (pointless beforehand as the phone / PDA link wasn't working.) We are getting there: It's just a bit slow!


  1. getting there - now don't drop the bloody thing in a puddle

  2. I think I could drop my pack into the Atlantic and the technology would survive! The Palm PDA is inside an aluminium wallet, inside a watertight, robust plastic lock-top box, inside an roll-top waterproof rucksack liner inside a pretty robust rucksack.

    I reckon it would fare much better than me, just clad in some fluffy polartec tights and wooly vest and Paramo!


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