Friday, 23 February 2007

Field Conditions BLOG POST!

I think I have cracked it!

If this works, I will have typed a day's 'diary' onto a Word Document, saved it, as though saving it when there is no phone signal, got it back from the documents and then pasted it onto an email (ie when I have a phone signal) which is then sent to the blog and which should appear on the blog....

So here goes........



    So: Many thanks to Craig Van Aswergen at breathe technology, Cambridge, who is today's SHINY STAR!

    There is absolutely NO WAY WHATSOEVER that I would have managed to get this working without his patient help.

    People are wonderful. He spent over two hours working on it and would not accept anything in return.

    Cheers Craig.

  2. Can you do it with a photo embedded in the Word doc?

  3. daryl - you swine and he was just getting over the elation

  4. Havinig just returned from the Axe & Compass (it is my last Friday night at home...) it is possibly unwise to be on the computer at the moment - hey ho!

    Daryl - I agree with the excellent John - I have just about given up on the piccies as Blooger doesn't support it by email.

    I like your thoughts about embedding it in a Word document though.... might try that on the trail....

    Ho hum!

  5. Compliments appreciated but misplaced (swine, yes, but not for this reason). I am having trouble with the piccies also. In general I don't think you can cut-and-paste a picture into an email, but worth a shot. I don't think I'm going to blog at all, just plan to email to friends with attached photos. I don't have donors to reach.

    Alan, I read somewhere that if the Land's End "center" is closed, the hotel will do the "start" stamp.

  6. Alan- one thought, on blogpost you can assign other people to post so why not e-mail them the pix to add in on whichever post you want them to?

    I'm happy to offer my services if that's of any help - e-mail me if so?

  7. This is a very good idea. I am sure you can trust John not to put the wrong pictures on . . . you sure as heck couldn't trust me!

  8. Hey John

    That could be a spiffing idea!

    I will email you when I am sober again - tomorrow evening perhaps?

    Cheers fella!


  9. Alan, I've just had some tech fail in my mobile-blogging chain. I email from the phone to my blog, but the 02 mailbox got filled with 20meg (!) of spam, so bounced the emailed blog entries. As my phone doesn't download emails (too much spam), I wasn't aware that my posts hadn't been blogged. Hence the odd times of emails from today's sorryfaced-lardy-poor-excuse-for-an-OMer


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