Saturday, 24 February 2007



When we moved to the village the solicitor’s searches should have dug out the dangers of residency. It is a very social place and surely injurious to health. As regular readers will know, Thursday down the Axe is Boy’s Night, followed by the Big Night on Friday. Saturday is usually party night (tonight is no exception and we are all off to Audra’s for a fortieth bash).

Tomorrow we have an International Walking Blogstar round for lunch and my Personal Lejog Trainer and his Wonderful Wife are coming along too, so that should be smashing. Lynnie was up all night preparing for it as we were out all day today down at my Mum’s, for a last visit before I set off to Cornwall on Wednesday. It was the last time I shall see her for four months so it was an emotional visit really.

Monday night I have Pete & Judy over (I used to spend weeks away working in car plants and mad nights out down in Southampton with Pete, and I have just discovered that for the last twelve years we have had a mutual friend (Joe Cocker, TGO star) and we did not realise it. I haven’t seen Pete for over fifteen years so that’s another great night coming up.

I shall try this packing thing on Tuesday night. Honest.

England are getting beaten in Ireland as I write this. The Scots have been stuffed. The world is turning upside down.

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