Monday, 12 February 2007


There has been too much talk on this blog about Poles. Right now Poland is a cold gloomy place, filled with icy winds from the Steppes, so I thought it time we brought a bit more warmth into the proceedings. Its warmer in Greece, so there you have it.

So, here is a picture of the Greeks for whoever it was that wanted more information on them. Obviously the mobile phone is not part of the structure of the tent: It is there for scale, so you can all see what big lads these Greeks are. You will see that one Greek is bigger than the other. The Big Greek is the one at the front; the Small Greek the one at the rear. This is not a product of perspective.

I have to treat these Greeks delicately; like rose petals when assembling and disassembling, for to injure a Greek would cause huge consternation to Wanda and whoever is sleeping with her at the time. Once in their rightful sleeve, these Greeks are Gods; indeed, Titans.

So there you have it. I will leave you with them.


  1. Dear Alan,
    At last I have seen a picture of your poles.
    Excuse me while I run to the kitchen and slam my knob in the fridge door in exitement!!

    For all you tent and gear people out there I apologise!! I know I am missing the point..Light weight, great engineering, fabulous colour (color!) technology,design expense,feel,ease of use etc etc..I sort of understand...but come on on the blog people getting exited..

    I go back to para 1.

    If anyone wants to reply to me feel free however I will be banging my Knob in the kitchen fridge.

    Someone please understand me!!

  2. I love you, Little Brother!

    (But why the fridge door? What is wrong with the kitchen door? Is it the sensual feel of the fridge's soft seal?

    Is this something you need to discuss with Debbie? I can sense some issues coming out here...

    Your big bruv!


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