Tuesday, 13 February 2007


I have done it.

I have managed to get the complete LEJOG kit packed in the rucksack, including the spare soft shoes. I don't know how I did it. I am a bundle of sweat and a miasma of Gigondas and Budvar; a heady mix. All the technology is stowed. The new tent. The Goretex. The spare clothes, notebooks, feather mattress etc etc etc. It's all in - Unbelievable really - It all fitted in my 53 litre little sack. I am off to the Peak District in the morning for a couple of days with my Lejog personal trainer, his Wonderful Wife and another good chap, Mr Jocys and I imagine they will persecute me with hilly things and too few pubs. I will be wearing the LEJOG full ensemble (with Lynnie's excellent Sue Ryder Care embrodered badges)

I will be cutting a fine dash in them thar hills.

I will also have a bash at blogging using the damn mobile phone (which I have yet to master and time is running out)

Amazing - It all fits! I wonder what I have left out...


  1. Hi there. Have been keeping an eye on your blog and aim to follow your progress when you set off because I hope to walk LEJOG in a couple of years time.

    I would be most interested to know what your fully packed rucksack weighs - and sorry to be so bold, but does that include water and food?

    Good luck, Brian

  2. come on then - whats the pack weight so far?

  3. Hi Brian, Hi John

    Been away walking for a couple of days (will blog that later)

    The answer: All up weight with two days food on board and 500ml water = .............

    30lbs ! Sorry for the old fashioned weights - It's what I understand for rucksacks (However tents are in Kilos - no idea why)


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