Monday, 5 February 2007



My little Baby Blue has been sighted by ParcelForce Worldwide. It was sighted at ‘International Hub’ in Great Britain at 9:08am this morning. It has taken 15 days 21 hours and 20 minutes to fly the Atlantic Ocean.

Allcock & Brown in a Vickers Vimy flew the Atlantic in June 1919 in 15 hours and 57 minutes. For completing this amazing feat, the daily Mail awarded them £10,000 and both men were knighted.

I wonder with what I should award the United States Postal Service? Answers on a postcard please. For those of you in America, it’s probably best if you email your answers.

At least the tent is now a few thousand miles closer, and surely it cannot be long now? Unless, of course, those wonderful men at HM Revenue & Customs want to have a prod & a poke…


  1. Just don't tempt fate!

  2. Dear Alan,

    I am very pleased your little blue tent has turned up. When it arrives Lynnie will be able to watch you putting it up in the living room. No doubt she will be amazed at the erection you achieve!

    (i hope Tom hanks isn't looking would put me off!)

    I hope the man from HM customs and exise doesn't poke it with anything sharp and damages it cos otherwise this blog will become a real saga!

    Lots of Luv
    Little dave

  3. It will be fascinating to see what our boys over here manage to do. But we will never know where the time delays are - Customs or the delivery process?

    Will it ever arrive? (My downstairs loo seat has yet to arrive - now 5 days overdue!)

  4. Soon you will be loitering within tent ;-)

    On another tack : what are your contingency plans in the event of great tracts of countryside being blocked because of H5N1 birdflu?

    Asphalt all the way would be terribly boring methinks :-(

  5. Unless PHD have stuffed my new down sleeping bag with turkey feathers from our Bernie Matthews, I think I shall be safe.

    Besides, I will be all in black, so they won't see me scampering over the moors.

  6. Alan,

    I would be interested to see what USPS tells you if you provide the mailing information to the Officer of the Postmaster General/Consumer Advocate, and ask her to investigate.

    Her name and email address (probably a marriage has recently taken place, so I suggest to write to both addresses) is:

    I would suggest to get a return receipt, and please b.c.c. me at my email address which you already have.

    I don't have much confidence in the result, but at least you'll be reaching over the tops of the dunces that have worked with you so far.




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