Monday, 26 February 2007


As young Mr Grace once said:

“You’ve all done very well!”

This afternoon we burst through the fund raising target I had set myself for Sue Ryder Care of £2,000 and as I write this we are currently at a magnificent £2,155.

This has been a magnificent effort, so thank you all very much.

Now then, while I am away on a bit of a holiday, I shall keep in touch, hopefully every day, to see how you are all doing. I want you all to be on your best behaviour. I have elected a ‘Senior Boy’ to ensure you all behave and stand in polite lines. (Well he sort of elected himself, and I quite like demagogues) He is John Hee and he writes a mean blog. I shall attempt to send John pictures by email so that he can post them to the blog, as the blog won’t let me email them to it. He will have full access to the publishing and so if anything untoward happens on the blog it will be ALL HIS FAULT!

As my fund raising target’s arse has been thoroughly spanked, I shall now spend a day re-thinking it and devising a new target. Of course, devising a new target means that more people have to put their hands in their pocket and donate a little of their hard fought dosh. It’s a big ask, I know.

But I know you can do it. Those of you standing at the back: I want you to step out of the shadows and take a leap forward into the glare of the spotlight. This is your moment to shine. Impress your friends. Impress yourself and help me raise some more for this amazingly worthy cause.

Please help me and visit my Sue Ryder Care page. Here is the link:

Al's SUE RYDER CARE Donation Page

There, I have made it easy for you.

And for those of you out there, the Schadenfreude lovers (you know who you are): I will soon be soaking wet, footsore and lost somewhere on the Southwest peninsular. That has got to be worth paying for!

Go to it and help.

Thank you!


  1. Very pleased to be of assistance Alan - you've got the hard bit to do.ermtw

  2. ermtw?
    Bugger thats not an auspicious start

  3. HI Uncle Alan
    Congratulations for reaching your target, We have donated our pocket money to bump it up even more! We are proud of you and we know Grandad would be too. We like your little tent, could we borrow it when you finish? Mum says it should be fine cos you borrowed her piano!
    Lots of love
    Matt and Rachael

  4. Mr Baden (God rest his soul) gave me money to remove (my) the piano. He feigned deafness for three years and an irritable bowel to try and avoid Tuesday nights in our dining room with my 'Gifted' youngest sister.

    Take what you can from this Matt & Rachael & flee Dorsetshire if you value your musicality.

    The family will understand and accommodate...

    Wicked Uncle Alan

  5. Dear Beethoven
    Grade 7 Piano and Grade A Music O level. What did you get?
    Is that a "no" to the tent then?
    Meg xxxx

  6. Hi Matt & Rachael

    That is jolly splendid of you to donate your pocket money. Thank you. Your Grandad was right about you all along!

    Wicked Uncle Alan


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