Sunday, 25 February 2007


I know there is stuff still left to do. I know there are only two more days to do it. Lethargy and laziness combine so nothing is done today.

I have read all the blogs on my list (that can take a while).

Lunch was good: Every year the TGO Challenge throws up some new characters and this year will be no exception. We have had my Lejog Personal trainer & his WW round to lunch to meet Darren – a thoroughly charming bloke who looks ready to gobble up the TGO Challenge in one leap. He is a fine mixture in the old tradition of charm, quiet confidence and capability. Neither Phil nor I were driving and so we had a splendid time.

Cheers Darren: It was good to meet you and I hope to bump into you on your Challenge.

I have still to wash all the new socks to get them slimmed down to my foot: I buy large ones, but my foot width is more a medium so I do them a bit warmer to get them down a bit and bunch up the wool to give a denser cushion.

I have got as far as Chester on the Accommodation list and Ian Shiel very kindly did a fine old bit of research for between the Pennine Way & Loch Lomond, which included a trip out to check on one particular tricky place. He really is a star.

I guess the rest of it can be done on the way itself. I know I like order & safety but really! I cannot get too hung up about it.

Maybe I will get more out of this if I just go with the flow.


  1. Alan,
    thanks I had a great time today, don't forget I need Phil's email address so I can send my route to him.
    And now you know the truth that I may be done under the trade descriptions act for calling myself Weird ^__^

  2. Wishing you well from Germany Alan. I will be following your progress with interest. On March 1st, as you start, I will blog about it and point my readers to your blog. Take care...

  3. Congrats on hitting your target!! Hope you're all ready to go, cause if you're not... hehehe... tis a little late now :)

    Love Rach x x

  4. Hi Alan,

    I sincerely hope you'll make it to JOG. Good luck, bon voyage, Hals- und Beinbruch and het allerbeste from


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