Saturday, 10 March 2007

DAY 10: Morning Report

DAY 10: Morning Report
The Blue Lion, Lewdon

Beautiful English Spring day. A pint of St Austell 'Proper Job' and I am on the Two Castles Trail - a path that links Launceston to Okehampton. It is a little honey of a walk. I passed into Devon this morning, crossing the River Tamer on Polson Bridge. I had never realised how long Cornwall was! (Mind you, I am usually whizzing through in a car on the way to a holiday cottage.) So - that's one county done and out of the way.

The first thing that has struck me about West Devon is that things are on a bigger scale. The valleys are broader, the spaces more open, and the cars travel that little bit faster on wider lanes...

This is a proper boozer; no mucking about with food, just beer & nibbles with a nice wood burner radiating warmth and fostering the idea of a long lunch indoors on a comfy chair. There is talk of where the hunt is today and how much it costs going the Point-to-Point,even if you stay out of the beer tent and the bookies, which I would have thought was the whole point of going!

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