Saturday, 10 March 2007

DAY 10: Launceston to Bridestowe: Evening Report

Today: 17.1 miles
Total Mileage: 140.0 miles
Percentage Completed: 8.4%


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A lovely day: Fine & sunny, well way-marked and an absolute joy. The first pint went down so well at lunchtime that I had a pint of Sharp's Doombar to follow, which was even nicer than the first. I held myself back and refused a free one from the landlord (ex Navy man; I reckon he had seen it all in his time).

The tent is now pitched (and looking jolly handsome, if I say it myself). It is a bit of a tardis - I have a huge amount of room inside. I knew where I was in the old Akto - everything had it's place so I could lay my hands on the stuff I wanted in the pitch black of the night. This new tent needs to be broken in - disciplined in the ways of it's master - at the moment it is chaos in there and I shall never find anything.

Bob Cartwright (when he interviewed me for the podcast) was taken aback when I told him I had not tried it out before the walk. So: Tonight's the Night!The feather mattress is all inflated, as is the pillow and the sleeping bag is all laid all ready for me (It will be a first for that too).

I am now in the White Hart and am on 'Jail Ale' from the Princetown Brewery on Dartmoor; thought I had better try it seeing as I am now in Devon. And it's very nice too! I can see myself trying another one in a minute. This is fine little pub bang opposite the Post Office and church. A perfect little English village.

I am really getting the hang of this walk now. I am beginning to mentally 'free-wheel' as I bimble along. At the start, I was thinking of too many things - perhaps apprehension, and I spent too much time working stuff out as I walked - wondering who to call to sort out last minute little snags, bits of work that needed attention, worrying about how I would cope - all sorts of stuff crowding my thoughts.

Now I am leaning back, taking long breaks in the sunshine, having another chocolate bar rather than looking at the map and working out destination times. The next destination will arrive in it's own good time. All I have to do is lie back and think of England!

Lynnie is on her way back from Italy from her skiing trip - nothing is broken.
All is well with the world.


  1. Morning Sloman. Been reading your reports religiously, pleased to see you got to sleep in the tent at last. Trust all is well in southern parts (of England). I'm not in the least jealous of your walk. Not one bit. Honest.
    'I'm so Dave' sends his regards. I'm not jealous of him either.
    Best wishes,
    John J

  2. Hi Alan,
    I am reading your account with a certain amount of jealousy. I have only ever done one lng distance walk, and that was only 5 days. I loved it. To have the chance to do as many as you sounds like my mid life crisis presents all coming at once!
    Take care and keep us all informed.

  3. Sleep well Alan.

    I'm looking forward to seeing how long it takes you to tame the virgin tent and discipline it into your way of thinking!

    We're all watching ... ;-)

  4. Hi Uncle Alan, me and mum walked around Hyde park, Kensington Gardens, Green Park and St Jame's Park today. Then settled down to a nice curry on comfy sofas and watched Crufts. How is it in the wilderness ruffing it? Has the tent succumbed to your will? (hee hee...)
    Mary x

  5. hi Alan
    Hope you sleep well on the feather mattress. Following your walk avidly 'cos Bob is telling me where you are every day. Not envious though!! Good Luck we'll watch your progress from Oz
    Jan Butler

  6. Hi Alan

    Glad to see you're making good progress. Hope the feet are holding up

    Nik - Dave The Walkers Support Crew

    BTW, Dave should finish he's LEJOG attempt on Thursday!

  7. Hello every one - hello Australia (It's all Bob's fault I am doing this - he started me on this walking lark)
    A walk round the park eh Mary? Not for me - I cannot abide curry!
    The tent is now on a tight leash - it keeps swalllowing stuff and not giving it back. It has been warned...
    Nik - Buy that man a large drink when he gets to the other End on Thursday - I am still following his epic. (How about a blog from the support crew?)
    5DayWalker - Just plan a longer holiday and start walking - thuank you for the encouragement!
    Mr J - Hello "Git-face!" Sorry - this was all getting too polite!


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