Monday, 12 March 2007

DAY 11: Bridestowe to South Zeal

Sunday 11th March
Today: 13.2 miles
Total mileage: 153.2 miles
Percentage Completed: 9.2%


(Click map to enlarge)

It was a late one last night in The White Hart. Stuart & Maria came over from Plymouth (a wonderful couple who met on the TGO Challenge and had their wedding reception at the famous Tomdoun Hotel)

I surface quite late and slowly get myself organised in the tent, and it is with tired legs that I plod up the hill. I find a little piece of paradise just after the Meldon viaduct - a restaurant car run by the cheerful Carol, so manage my first food of the day - a pastie and coffee. Rejuvenated, I head off to discover the delights of Okehampton.

Sunday lunchtime in Okehampton in early March. Not many delights. Even the pubs don't look welcoming and none tempt me inside. I decide to forgo lunch and with a shrug, start the plod up the hill out of town.

A van draws up alongside me - he had been driving down into town and quite amazingly had recognized me from two years ago on the TGO Challenge - we had had a great night in the Mason's at Tarfside together. I carry on my plod up the hill only to be stopped again by his friend who had heard I was in town.

So, old Okehampton ain't such a bad place after all.

South Zeal is a little gem. A steep little street hurtles you into the heart of the village - a real picture postcard of a Devon village and I am staying in the Oxenham Arms - a more perfect looking little English pub you will never find!

No phone signal here, so I will post this from somewhere on my walk tomorrow.


  1. If you stand on Meldon viaduct (a lovely spot) you can see the high tide mark where life rolled out of Okehampton, leaving the town behind.

    Most of the best of its down the side streets, but its typical of so many small Devon towns these days - just wait until you get to Crediton and Tiverton.

  2. Count-down to the big 10%, Alan. You're doing well, sir.

    How's Ricky doing? He's a chip off the old block.


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